Wes Ryle
Wes Ryle was a contestant on Survivor Season 1 he finished 7th being the 8th voted out and fourth member of the jury and Survivor: Second Chances

Survivor Season 1 Edit

age 22

Wes was placed on the red tribe, where he found himself on the bottom of the tribe with Paul and Tide, and a clear rivalry with tribemate John. at the first tribal council his ally Paul was voted off due to being the weekest member. Wes and Tide then convince John and Alan to vote out Jeff at there next tribal due to him being week and then them four and pellar could allign at the merge, Wes and Tide convinced them and Jeff was voted out. As soon as the merge came Wes turned on his red alliance and joined the blue alliance so he could vote out his rival John, his plan worked and John was the first voted out at the merge. Wes would continue in the blue alliance helping to eliminate T.J and Pellar. It came at the next stage of the game, when Grant and Alan both turned on the blue alliance in hope of eliminating Ray, but due to Ray winning immunity, Wes was targeted and eliminated. At the final tribal council Wes voted Alan, saying Alans ability to take control was incredible

Wes' Voting History
Episode Wes'
Voted Against
1 Tribe Immune
2 John -
3 Tribe Immune
4 Jeff Pellar,Jeff
5 Ray -
6 Parker
7 Pellar Tide,Taylor,Pellar
8 Grant Alan,Taylor,Grant,Tide
8th voted out day 30
Voted For
Sole Survivor

Second chances Edit

age 40

Wes' Voting History
Episode Wes'
Voted Against
1 Troyzan -
2 Tribe Immune
3 Edric -
4 Tribe Immune
5 Tribe Immune
6 Pete -
7 Tribe Immune
8 Tribe Immune
9 Jabari -
10 Josiah -
11 Jabari -
12 Rick -
13 Arthur -
14 CJ -
15 Stephen
16 Lex Individual Immunity
17 Arthur -
Votes to be
Sole Survivor
Co-Runner Up Day 39