Tide Perch
Tide Perch was a contestant on Survivor Season 1 where he placed second tied with Grant Donaldson he later competed on Survivor: All Stars but was quickly voted out

Season 1

age 24

Tide was a member of the red tribe where he was quickly on the bottom of the tribe due to an alliance made of Pellar, Jeff, John and Alan. He was alligned with Wes and Paul. Paul was eliminated at Reds first tribal council. At Reds next tribal council, the one before the merge, Tide and Wes were able to convnce John and Alan to vote out Jeff due to his untrustworthy sense. Tide made it to the merge but due to Wes flipping, Tides new ally John was eliminated. later Tide found the hidden immunity idol and formed a secret alliance with Taylor and Pellar. After T.Js elimination, Tides new alliance took a hit when Pellar was eliminated. After pellars elimination the blue alliance started to crumble and Tide was able to help eliminate fromer fried Wes. After this at the next tribal due to alan flipping back to blue a 3-3 tie came about between Tide and Ray, Tide then played his hidden immunity idol thus eliminating Ray. Tide would win the next immunity challenge but his close ally Taylor was eliminated. Tide would then and go win the last immunity challenge, thus making him the first member of the final 3. Tide then devised a plan to eliminate Parker, due to Parker being undeserving. Parker ended up being eliminated. At the final tribal council Tide was praised by some for despite always having his back against the wall survivng the game, but scolded by others for being super lucky and just floating to the top 5. He recived two jury votes from Taylor and Pellar

Voting History

Tides Voting History
Episode Tides
Voted Against
1 Tribe Immune
2 John -
3 Tribe Immune
4 Jeff -
5 Ray -
6 TJ
7 Wes -
8 Wes -
9 Ray Parker,Alan,Ray
10 Alan Individual Immunity
11 Parker Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Tide
Co-Runner up day 39

*A revote took place and Tide voted TJ once again

** A revote took place between Tide and Ray but Alan switched his vote and Tide survived

All Stars

Tide quickly aligned with another season 1 alumni Alan but they were both quickly targeted by rival Ray and he was voted out

Tides Voting History
Episode Tides
Voted Against
1 Ray -
2 Tribe Immune
3 Jeremy Ray,Jeremy,Bruce,Jude
3rd voted out day 9