is the first episode of Survivor: Borneo  and the very first episode of the Survivor television series.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Quest for fire

A symbolic race for fire held on the Sand Spit, an s-shaped sand bar located one mile off Pulau Tiga. The object was to alternately float and carry a cauldron of fire from a position 50 yards offshore to the finish line, which was delineated by a 20-foot high Fire Spirit. In addition, teams had to light a succession of torches between start and finish, with the winner being the first to light all their torches and the Fire Spirit. Reward: 50 waterproof matches and Tribal Immunity. Winner: Tagi 

Summary Edit

Day 1 

The 16 average americans were split up into two tribe Pagong, consisting of B.B, Sonja, Sue, Gervase, Stacey Greg, Dirk and Jenna, as well as Tagi consisting of Rudy, Richard, Gretchen, Sean, Ramona, Joel, Colleen and Kelly, They were then sent off to camp

Initial reactions at Pagong beach was B.B was always building shelter, never stopping despite the fact his tribemates keep on telling him to take a break, B.B also labels people lazy if they arn't spending much time on the shelter, Besides B.B the tribe gets along well

Initial reaction is Tagi is Gretchen using her survival past to get everyone to help in due to her knowledge, and Rich telling everyone that they need to work as a team, Ramona complains about being sick all the time, Sean and Colleen share a nice bond 

Day 2

Immunity challenge is today and Tagi wins, Pagongs Sonja has a notably bad performance

Day 3

Back at Pagong camp, people don't know if they want to vote out B.B due to his annoying attitude or Sonja due to her weak performance, Sue Stacey and Jenna bond well showing signs that if they all vote together whoever they vote out will go, Dirk refusing to be at camp and reading the bible instead has also frustrated people

At tagi camp, Tagi is happy they won and not too much else happens

Tribal CouncilEdit

B.B Sonja, Sue, Jenna, Stacey, Gervase
Sonja B.B Dirk Greg


I hope its you not me- Sonja

You let us down at the challenge and you have to go because of that- B.B 

Your annoying and you don't belong here- Sue 

I really like her, I think she is a great person, I'm sorry- Dirk

B.B you went overboad- Jenna

We need to win challenges simple- Greg

Oh B.B you can go to hell- Stacey

B.B you annoy me, I don't like you go home- Gervase