The Generation Gap is the second episode of Survivor: Borneo


Immunity Challenge: Rescue Mission

Before the challenge, both tribes received Tree Mail where they were instructed to make a stretcher and pick one tribemate (preferably the smallest or lighest) that will be lying on it (Tagi chose Colleen, while Pagong selected Stacey). Simulating a real plane crash, the smallest members from both tribes (pretending to be plane crash survivors) will be sent to the middle of the jungle and harnessed into a parachute dangling from a tree. Then the leaders will guide the other tribe members to "rescue" the "survivor" and proceed to the "first aid tent". The first team to reach it wins Immunity. Winner: Pagong


Day 4

At pagong camp, the tribe members are happy to relax for once without B.B freaking out at all of them, the girls Jenna, Stacey and Sue decide that there next victim will be the sexist Gervase, but Sue isn't sure, Greg starts to show his crazy side and people arn't sure if he is completely sane 

At tagi camp Richard, says in a confessional, every here is dumb if they don't form an alliance, Richard who has already been in talks with Gretchen decide they need to make an alliance of four, where they would each go recruit one person, Richard talked to Joel and Joel agreed to join the alliance, while Gretchen went and talked to Kelly who she had become close on the island and Kelly agreed to join the alliance, Colleen starts getting on peoples nerves as she in what most peoples eyes is acting defenseless to lure in Sean 

Day 5

Immunity challenge Pagong wins

Day 6

Richard, Gretchen, Joel and Kelly get together, Richard comes up with a plan where all 4 of them vote for a different person in the tribe, so secret doesn't break that there an alliance yet, and let the other 4 take eachother out, Colleen and Sean also agree to stick in this game together all the way, Implying they will vote together tonight, Ramona still complaining about being sick, thinks Rudy should go due to being rude, Rudy also tells the word he is tired of Ramona and her do nothing attitude 

Tribal CouncilEdit

Voted Against Voter
Ramona Joel, Colleen, Sean, Rudy
Rudy Kelly, Ramona
Colleen Rich
Sean Gretchen 

Voting Confessionals

I was assigned you- Joel 

Your old and mean, i hope you go- Kelly

Keeping this secret sorry for the vote- Rich

Easy lover boy- Gretchen

Sorry Ramona, your nice but you do nothing- Colleen

It was you or Rudy, but atleast Rudy tries- Sean

You are the rudest, meanest, most obnoxious person I know, and I want you out so bad- Ramona

(none by Rudy)