Paul Lindell
Paul Lindell is a former contestant who competed on Survivor Season 1, he was the second voted out and finished 13th 

Season 1 ProfileEdit

Name: Paul Lindell

Age: 43

Personal claim to fame: Opening my own charity that helps families in need

Hobbies: Jogging, Helping others, Teaching 

Reason for being on survivor: To begin a new adventure in my life, because I love trying to new things and giving me and my charity a financial boost would be nice

Season 1Edit

Paul would be assigned to the Red tribe, in the second immunity challenge Paul was sat out by hist team, due to him being the oldest and most unathletic, he was voted out at tribal that night due to the tribe finding him unhelpful to there future

Episode Paul votes Paul votes against
1 John John, Alan, Jeff, Pellar

Extra Edit

Paul is the second person ever voted out of survivor and the first ever eliminated from the team who won the first immunity

Survivor would donate 20,000 dollars to his charity