Fransisco Lohan
Fransisco "Fran" Lohan was a contestant on Survivor Season 3 he was the 13th voted out, finishing 4th and being the 7th member of the jury

Season 3 

Fransisco started this game, a majority alliance was quickly built without him, he would allign with Rob and Tyler, but Tyler was eliminated, he survived due to his teams strong performances by his team in challenges. After the merge him and Rob jumped ship and joined with Ethans alliance, together this new allliance slowly take out members not in the alliance. but at the final 5, Fransisco and Carter decided to flip on Rob and Ethan and vote with Nick to vote out Ethan, but Ethan played the hidden immunity idol, At the final four Fran was eliminated due to his betrayal

Voting History

Frans Voting History
Episode Frans
Voted Against
1 Jason -
2 Tribe Immune
3 Tribe Immune
4 Scott -
5 Tribe Immune
6 Tribe Immune
7 Jude Individual Immunity
8 Scott -
9 Brian Rich,Nick,Kurt,Brian
10 Rich
11 Kurt Individual Immunity
12 Ethan -
13 Carter Carter,Ethan,Rob
13th voted out day 38
Voted For
Sole Survivor

* A revote took place and Rich flipped his vote thus saving Fran

** A revote took place and Fran once again voted Rich

All Stars

age 30

due to Fran's good performance on Season 3 Fran would be cast for All Stars, he quickly got in the majority alliance on his yellow tribe and help vote out Andy and Luc but after a tribe swap, Gus turned on his old alliance and Fran was the sixth person voted out

Voting History

Fran's Voting History
Episode Fran's
Voted Against
1 Tribe Immune
2 Andy -
3 Tribe Immune
4 Luc -
5 Tribe Immune
6 Colin Colin,Gus,Mark
6th voted out day 15