Ethan Park
Ethan Park was a contestant on Survivor Season 3 Survivor: All Stars and winner of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Ethan is known for his southern charm and strategy dominance, merging at the bottom to getting to the end, being the head of his alliance in all stars and being a member of the DEC alliance. In his third attempt he was finally able to win the game, due to the jury giving respect to the game he played

Season 3 

Ethan quickly made an alliance and brought in Jude, Derek, Rich and Carter and found the hidden immunity idol, Ethan being the leader of the alliance painted a target on his back, Ethan ended up eliminating the rest of his tribe thats not in his alliance and Derek due to his tribes weak performances in challenges, come the merge Jude tried to eliminate Ethan, but was picked off by Scotts alliance, Rob then came to Ethan and the Rob-Ethan alliance was born, they dominated the rest of the game till the final 5 but then Fran and Carter turned on Ethan and Rob and tried to vote Ethan out but he played his idol and saved him, he would lose to his friend Rob 4-3 

Voting History

Ethans Voting History
Episode Ethans
Voted Against
1 Tribe Immune
2 Brandon -
3 Tyrone Jonas
4 Tribe Immune
5 Jonas Jonas
6 Derek Jude
7 Scott Jude
8 Scott Scott,Nick,Brian,Kurt
9 Brian
Individual Immunity
10 Nick
11 Kurt -
12 Nick Nick,Carter,Fran
13 Fransisco -
Jury Votes
for Ethan
Runner up day 39

*A revote took place and Ethan once again voted Brian

** A revote took place between and Ethan switched his vote to Rich

All Stars

age 27

Ethan returned for Survivor All Stars he started on the dominating Blue tribe which won 4 straight Immunity challenges but then he swapped over to the Red tribe, but found himself in the minority there and his ally Cole was voted off, but then the merge came he found himself back in power but Bruce and Gus turned on the alliance and Ethan was voted out for being the biggest threat to the opposing alliance

Ethan's Voting History
Episode Ethan's
Voted Against
1 Tribe Immune
2 Tribe Immune
3 Tribe Immune
4 Tribe Immune
5 Jeremy -
6 Tribe Immune
7 Tribe Immune
8 Dantell -
9 Carl Carl,Gus,Jeremy
9th voted out day 23
Voted as
sole survivor

Heroes vs. Villains

age 33

Ethan's Voting History
Episode Ethan's
Voted Against
1 Jason -
2 Heroes Immune
3 Heroes Immune
4 Bruce -
5 Heroes Immune
6 Taylor -
7 Hemmer -
8 Heroes Immune
9 Heroes Immune
10 Alan -
11 Joe Joe,Michael
12 Carl -
13 Hayden -
14 Justice -
15 Jamie -
16 Michael Michael,Cameron
17 Cameron Cameron
Jury Votes
for Ethan
Sole Survivor day 39