Alan Wright
Alan Wright was the winner of Survivor Season 1 and contestant in Survivor: All Stars and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Alan is known as the first ever winner of the successful reality game show Survivor, as well as his innovative flipping strategy that won him the million and his rivalry with contestant Ray Mondo whom he has played every season with

Season 1

age 29 

Alan started the game on the red tribe where he quickly initiated an alliance with numbers of him Pellar, John and Jeff, there first victim was Paul, at reds next tribal council Alan was convinced to blindside Jeff, because Jeff was untrustworthy, Jeff was voted off and they headed off into the merge. At the merge Alan tried to convince Grant to flip but he didn't but his ally Wes did flip and John was eliminted. Alan realising his old alliance was now sinking got into the blue alliancedue to the fact that blue alliance needed an extra member because they wanted to vote off T.J, Alan would continue in the blue alliance and aid in eliminating Pellar. Controversy broke after Ray won the next immunity and Grant flipped to join Taylor and Tide making 3-3 Alan seeing his chance to take over as leader of the blue alliance which he despretley wanted so bad,went and told Ray that he was the new leader but Ray told Alan to F-off so Alan turned on the blue alliance and helped eliminate Wes. Following that Alan won immuntiy and finally due to Ray realising it could be over for him, Alan flipped back and finally became leader of the blue alliance, but a 3-3 vote tie struck between Ray and Tide and Tide used his idol and Ray was eliminated. Following this Alan who looked like he would be eliminated convinced Grant to return to the blue alliance with him and Parker, and together the reformed blue alliance eliminated Taylor. Alan now had his final 3 him Parker and Grant, but then Tide won immunity and one of them had to go. Tide wanted to eliminate Parker due to him being undeserving and Alan went along with it, and Parker was eliminated. At the final tribal council Alan was praised for being smart enough to flip back and fourth multiple times and still survive, and for his ability to take over the blue alliance from Ray, but scolded for his unloyalty in the game. Alan got three jury votes from Ray, Wes and John and won survivor

Season 1 voting history

Alans Voting History
Episode Alans
Voted Against
1 Tribe Immune
2 Paul -
3 Tribe Immune
4 Jeff -
5 Ray -
6 TJ
7 Pellar -
8 Wes -
9 Tide
Individual Immunity
10 Taylor Taylor,Tide
11 Parker -
Jury Votes
for Alan
Sole Survivor day 39

*A revote took place and Alan voted TJ once again

** A revote took place and Alan switched his vote from Tide to Ray

All Stars

age 33

Alan was placed in the red tribe with former rival Ray, Alan was seen as a huge threat for already winning this game and was targeted by Ray and eliminated 1st

Alans Voting History
Episode Alans
Voted Against
1 Ray Ray,Bruce,Jude,Jeremy
1st voted out day 3

Heroes vs. Villains

age 38

Alans Voting History
Episode Alans
Voted Against
1 Villains Immune
2 Gus Tony,Bennett
3 Bennett -
4 Villains Immune
5 Tony -
6 Villains Immune
7 Villains Immune
8 Ray -
9 Fred -
10 Dee Dee,Cameron,Cole
10th voted off day 24
Voted For
Sole Survivor